Thai is a professional wedding photographer. He has taken his personal passion of photography and turned it into a career that he absolutely loves. Thai has a talented vision behind the camera as his outgoing and charming personality.

Clients love how expertly he captures their true to life emotion with images that are filled with life and beauty. Whether it’s a wedding, an engagement session, a traditional portrait, Thai approaches every photo shoot with the same goal in mind. He believes light, texture, mood, dimension, composition, anticipation, emotion, passion, romance, energy and relationships are the ingredient necessary to make great photographs at a wedding. His works are not about marketing hype or photoshop manipulation. He does not pose you into someone who people think you should be.

His goal is to capture the essence of who you are by capturing your day naturally through an artistic interpretation of your wedding day. To Thai, it’s more about the moments of the day. The moments that are obvious, and the hidden gems that you won’t see until you view your images.

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